Teas, Tisanes, juice and stuff...

I've never been a big fan of iced tea- too sweet. My mom drinks the nestle powdered stuff, which, very very cold with a wedge of very juicy fresh lemon is pretty good. I think this is only because it reminds me of my mom. I really dislike southern sweet tea, I cant think of anything less refreshing.

Anyway, I've been toying around with iced teas and tisanes for two reasons. One it is hot and muggy and the kids are wanting to drink way too much juice. Also, I'm not doing much by way of actual cooking lately at all (dinner was mac & cheese, a broiled chicken breast, some steamed green beans & a salad).

So here's a list of some drinks to cool you off:

6oz iced coffee
2oz chocolate soy milk
1oz half & half
blend with ice cubes made from coffee

6oz strong spiced tea (I like the yogi spiced tea or celestial seasonings chai)
3oz half & half
blend with ice cubes made from tea

Brew four or five fruit-flavored tea bags (Celestial seasonings fruit tea sampler is good for this)
This should give you about 40oz of tea you can add another 20 - 25 oz of water once it is cooled
add a handful of mint and some chopped fruit. this is good sparkled up with gingerale and the kids think its a big treat...

I'm waiting on a digital camera, when it gets here maybe I'll start making photos of these swanky drinks. They look very satisfying in the glass all sweaty on the patio table.

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