Restaurant Review: Zyng!

Tonight, we ate at the Zyng Asian Grill in the Ibn Battuta Mall. No joke. Dubai malls take their food courts very, deeply seriously.

As chain shops go, it was pretty tasty, lots of fresh veggies and overall not too salty or sugary.

Mr. Dumpling was less than impressed with their version of potstickers, eating only three. Poor Mr. Dumpling misses his Jade Garden potstickers so much. I liked the vegetarian ones and would pass on the meat next time.

I did especially like the pad Thai. It was almost equal portions of noodles and shredded carrots with lots of green onion and chunks of well-seasoned tofu, tasty.

A decent bargain at less than $40 for dinner for five, and your waiter does a nifty trick of not writing down anything you order and actually getting the order correct! Pretty snappy.

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