All-you-can-eat discount sushi.

I know, all you can eat discount sushi doesnt really sound that good. And let me tell you, I was sceptical. The whole concept seemed especially unnerrving because there is some kind of deadly food poisoning in Dubai.

So it was with a teeny bit of trepidation that I made my way with my friends and my DH over to the Bur Dubai Ramada Inn for Sushi Sunday at Teppanyaki House.
Well, all I can say is amazing. Just delicious. An assortment of rolls and sashimi first, then some more creative rolls, then some MORE sashimi, then some spicy tuna, then some more rolls and finally we had to say uncle. I suspect the sushi chef would have kept getting more creative had we had the stamina to keep up with him; another night maybe.

Everything was fresh and tasty and everyone felt just fine the next day- all good signs. Bur Dubai outside the Ramada turns a little wild between 7 when we got to the restaurant and 10 when we left, interesting people watching available...

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  1. We just did grocery store sushi in Southern California, with less positive results. No deadly food poisoning, but a wee bit of stomach trouble. Now you are making me hungry for good sushi!


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