Pudding is not a diet food.

Tapicoa plant, kinda looks like another, possibly addictive, plant, no?

Pudding. The word itself sounds fattening. I went today and did the long overdue large general grocery shop. I also, unfortunately, picked up a tub of Winky Brand Tapioca Pudding.

I was highly amused to discover that Winky Brand Pudding actually tries to advertise itself as a health food. Low cholesterol, gluten free, a good source of calcium, all natural.

I find this both intriguing and entertaining and well, despite the fact that tapioca is reliably used to fatten up certain African brides before marriage, I love tapioca pudding.

Winky Brand Tapioca Pudding + berry season = dessert paradise.

Mix up your pudding with sliced strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Preferably purchased for $1 a pint. Try to stop eating it. That's all. It would be lovely, simply lovely, between layers of liquer-soaked poundcake.
So much for dieting...

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