Five things to do with raisins.

I dont know why, but Dubai has terrible raisins. You would think the folks who invented raisins would be able to get a decent raisin, but no. They are tiny and tend to be covered in flyspeck so you have to pour boiling water over them to get them clean and usable. The worst is when the pretty raisins are on top and a bunch of insect blown raisins get into the bag from the bottom... this happens even in semi-fancy supermarkets. Expat effect? not sure. Packaged raisins tend to be ok in the poopoo department, but often taste so preservativ-y that there's not much raisin taste left... So in homage to the juicy, clean, American, California raisin (if you click on this link be sure to watch the weird lady literally throwing back a shot of raisins- marketing genius!):

Five things to do with raisins:
1. cinnamon raisin bread
2. raisin stuffing for Thanksgiving turkey
3. rum raisin bread pudding
4. apple raisin crumble I like this recipe but double the raisins
5. cover 1 cup of raisins with 1/2 cup of boiling water- process until smooth in food processor, substitute for 1/4 cup sugar and 1/4 cup fat in baking recipes.
Bonus: soak raisins in spiced rum overnight, serve over vanilla ice cream, easy glamorous dessert....

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