Turkey soup

Turkey sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, turkey casserole, turkey curry. Have mercy. When you get sick of turkey dishes, make soup.

1 Turkey carcass or if its an especially enormous turkey, use 1/2 and you can freeze the rest
1 onion- skin on (skin gives a good color)
4 cloves garlic
4 carrots
4 or 5 celery stalks with heads -especially the leaves
1 hunk of ginger a bit bigger than your thumb -skin on ok
salt and pepper to taste
whatever fresh herbs (parsley, basil, oregano, thyme) you have around
Throw in a large pot, cover with water, bring to a rolling boil then simmer overnight.
Strain in the morning. The less stirring you do, the clearer the soup will be, not sure why, but this is true.
Serve with pasta or rice.

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