Al Fredo

Fredo is the brother in the Godfather who Michael has to do away with because he betrays the family to Hyman Roth. Alfredo is a restaurant in Rome which claims invention of the sauce. Alfresco means outdoors, or an excellent place to eat your fettucine alfredo.

I have no idea where my father got the recipe for his alfredo, he might have made it up. Its luscious. I can't tell you how to make it, but I'll give you a tasty recipe which is not even close so no one can accuse me of giving away family secrets...

1 stick of butter (yes the whole stick- forget about eating this altogether if you are on a diet)
1 pt. heavy cream
2 cloves garlic
1 cup of romano cheese
salt & pepper to taste

The important thing to remember about making this is DO NOT LET IT BUBBLE AT ALL EVEN ON THE EDGES OF THE PAN (Critical).

Melt the butter in a heavy saucepan, press the garlic cloves but do not let them cook, just swirl them around. Whisk in the cream slowly and warm the mixture. Whisk in the romano until it is just melted. Add your salt & pepper. Pour over hot pasta. Cut some basil over the top to serve. Some people are very opinionated about pink sauces, I just throw a few tablespoons of marinara into this to make pink sauce which is very pleasant with tortellini.

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