Of candy sushi and rapidly aging children...

Today we had Mr. Dumpling's 9th birthday party! I cannot believe that this person who used to fit quite comfortably with his head in my hand and the rest of his body stretched out along my arm is 9. Really, where did the time go??

He loves sushi, he loves candy, so for his party we made candy sushi. Its very simple, silly, a little disgusting, and fun.

Make some Rice Krispie treats but instead of the six cups of cereal the recipe calls for, use 5. Spread the mixture out in a baking sheet, press it down well with saran wrap, and refrigerate for about 1 hour, you want them soft, but holding together.

Trim the edges of the treats so you have a flat sheet. On the edge of the sheet place 4 gummy worms (pref. of different colors) and roll the sheet over the worms squishing the cereal around them as you go. Cover the outside of your roll with fruit roll ups. Slice.

Take some Rice Krispie treats and cut them into squares about 1" X 3". Top each with a gummy frog or gummy fish. Attach the frog or fish to the rice using a stretched gummy worm or a bit of the fruit roll up.

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  1. That's brilliant... the "chocolate pizza" for kids with good taste!


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