Engagement Chicken and food with which to snare a man.

Have you heard this business about Engagement Chicken? I gather if you make it, your boyfriend will propose to you because its so delicious he will want to be your husband so he can eat it forever... Its a lemon chicken, which is always nice, no doubt. But I do think if you are looking for something that might snare a man, you're going to want to put in a little more effort than roast chicken. Well, I guess it depends on the man.
This isn't the easiest recipe to assemble, unless you are in Rome in the spring, but if you can find everything, it will work on really serious, smart (MIT level genius type) men...

1 dozen zucchini flowers (go out and plant some zucchini right now and you can make this by mid-August)
1/2 cup freshest possible ricotta cheese
1/2 cup stale Italian bread (good bread, not supermarket Italian bread)
some chicken stock to wet the bread
a shake or two of garlic powder
black pepper
salt or an anchovy or two
other fresh herbs
eggs and flour for dredging

Mix all your ingredients except the flowers in a bowl. Use around two or three tablespoons of herbs. The flowers have a pretty delicate flavor which you don't want to lose to the herbs... Spoon the filling into the flowers. Dredge the flowers in flour seasoned with a bit of pepper. Fry in about 1/4" of oil until coating is browned. Serve immediately with a crisp white wine (Orvieto). Watch smart man become slightly dazzled by you...

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