Candlelit Dinner for five.

We went to France. Ooooh fancy. Well, not really. I had the odd sense the entire time that Avignon is rather like Cranston, RI. This is weird, I know, but the fancy and not-so-fancy parts just seem really similar. They are on the same latitude so maybe its just the weather... Anyway, there's a food story here.

The friends we stayed with have candlelit suppers every night. I love this idea so I've expropriated it for our own table. I had to go out and find a candle holder that I was ok with having on the table, which in Dubai is not so easy. The thinking in home decor retail around here seems to be 'the more tasteless, the better...' click for Arabian design atrocities.

I finally found something tasteful without being gaudy and set my candlelit table. At first, it felt a little weird. I was worried the boys might set themselves on fire but its very nice, it really does seem to contribute to a sense that family meals should be daily thing but that they are also special and important.

My table:

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  1. We LOVE your candleholder and the candles. We're looking forward to more candlelight dinners with you in Brimfield!


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