Restaurant Review: mOre Cafe

Today we had brunch with some friends at the mOre Cafe in the Gold and Diamond Park off Sh. Zayed Road. Brunch at mOre is a fairly impressive affair. You can order the buffet if you think you might like to take a shot at bursting your stomach or you can order off their extensive menu.

With everything from Nicoise salad to burgers to pancakes, mOre definitely tries to please everyone and generally succeeds with fresh-tasting, simply prepared foods. Their chefs aren't taking any risks but the food is definitely tasty.

If you get the buffet, as my DH did, before you even leave your seat to go check out the buffet table, a plate of eggs Benedict is whisked in front of you with a basket of bread, and a huge fruit plate. This alone is enough to feed about 8 people, but of course you cant do that with it. When you are done, if you can cram in one more bite, there are some delicious cakes, we sampled carrot and zucchini which were both yummy.

I have a cultural thing about buffets, I find them kind of gross but intriguing at the same time... I don't really want to try all these different foods together in the same meal and so, in this way, the mOre mandatory eggs benedict before buffet table makes an odd kind of sense to me.

mOre cafe supports local arts by allowing painters to display their work in the cafe. Something we definitely need here in Dubai.

My only complaints about the cafe are that the acoustics are absolutely awful. Although it was less than half-full, it sounded like nothing so much as an elementary school cafeteria. Our pleasant waiters had a terrible time hearing us and we them, which led to mix-ups over coffee, mustard and missing utensils. It is so noisy in there, that while I'd definitely order food from mOre for catering or delivery, I'd think twice before going back there to eat a meal at peak hours.

$$ ***

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