A to Z Challenge- L

L is for Lemons and Leeks

I'm obsessed with iced lemonades, tisanes and teas right now, it's the turn of the weather in Dubai...
For basic lemonade, blend the juice of 6 lemons and 1/2 cup honey, with water to taste. Serve with fresh mint, fresh raspberries or other berries.
Add the juice of two lemons to hibiscus iced-tea, serve with fresh mint.
Brew 1 liter of  iced tea, mix with the juice of 4 lemons. 
Any of these drinks get more festive with a shot of vodka...

Leeks cooked in butter vastly improve most any dish that calls for onions. Take a bunch of leeks and slice off the dark green part. Slice the remaining leek into rings. Saute these in a large frying pan with 1tsp butter.
  • Add leeks and cheddar cheese to 6 eggs & 1/2 cup whole milk, pour into pre-made pie crust. Bake at 350 for 25 - 30 min for a quick quiche.
  • Saute leeks with mushrooms. Serve as a side dish.
  • Mix leeks into creamed green beans or spinach.
  • Add leeks to stuffing instead of onion.

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