Restaurant Reveiw: Istanbul Flower

I just plain love the food at Istanbul Flower so I'm not going to mention one word about the service...

Ok, maybe a few words... just be forewarned- Do not go to Istanbul Flower if you are expecting to be treated with kindness or even any acknowledgement at all. This MAY not be true for Arabic/ Turkish speakers, and I've noticed the kitchen staff is quite friendly and accommodating where the waiters are most certainly NOT. Just accept that you are going to have to flag down the waiter with a napkin, your order will likely be wrong and you'll get some major 'tude for pointing it out.

But it doesn't matter. As soon as you sit down, you will be presented with a huge basket of freshly grilled bread with sesame seeds, a deeply seasoned, almost marinated green salad and a plate of hummus, moutabel, tahini, pepper relish and eggplant relish. You actually do not even really need to eat anything after this, the platters are so abundant.

If you do want to order more, I'd highly recommend the lentil soup. Fragrant, lemony and savoury, its just perfect. Other selections to try are the chicken kebaps- big salty seasoned chunks of fresh chicken, lamb kebabs- garlickly ground seasoned lamb, and the mutton Iskender- slices of mutton in a red gravy with sour cream (maybe chtoora) over rice. All of it is delicious! Two people can easily split a main dish plus salad and soup.

The other amazing thing about Istanbul Flower is that it's a BARGAIN!! All this deliciousness, in a very clean, pretty classy setting will set you back only about 50dhs per person.

$$ ***

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