Thai Green Curry Tofu

So I've had this tofu sitting in green curry in my fridge for at least two weeks and it smelled ok and I got sick of thinking I would make it for friends or try it out on the kids (Thai is a cuisine too far...) so I made it for lunch today for me and my husband.

Sautee 1lb of extra firm tofu that's been sitting in green curry for a few days (two weeks is probably too much, although what harmful bacteria could grow in green curry???) in 1 tbsp oil (I used canola) until browning.
Add 1/2 each of a red and yellow pepper
a generous handful of green beans
1/2 package of sliced crimini mushrooms
1 thinly sliced zucchini
1/2 a tomato chopped
Corn, peas or asparagus would be nice here too.
Keep it moving until the vegetables begin to soften, then let sit- stirring occasionally.
Add 1/2 cup thai coconut milk
Stir until coconut milk is incorporated.
Sprinkle with fresh thai basil ( Italian basil does just fine here...)

It needed salt, but I'm glad I didnt put it in before hand. It would be good over rice, but we ate it as was for lunch. It was very very filling, this is probably good because we are off to a birthday party with the temptations of barbecue and sweets. The boys wouldn't touch it, not even a try.
A link to Thai Tourism site, we can dream...

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