Yamaimo Soba with Beef

Tonight, at the suggestion of my friend and sitter, Sharon (who I really want to post to this blog) I made a dish of Yamaimo Soba with white miso.

For the soba I simply cooked them according to the package directions, and then added a strained instant white miso soup. Then I used scissors to slice green onions, cilantro and some carrots over the top.

For the beef I marinated three shoulder blade steaks (suprisingly tender!) in ginger, lemon and garlic. I sliced this and sauteed it quickly over a high flame with a bit of oil.

In a separate pan, I cooked 1 package of button mushrooms, 1 head of bok choy, 1 carrot and some garlic. I added the beef to this when the vegetables were done. For a family of 5 (43, 37, 5, 3, 1), with four particularly hungry men, two bundles of Soba was NOT enough.

For the children I served the noodles separate from the beef and vegetables, for the adults I mixed it together.

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