Why I Never eat in Restaurants Anymore

So the dinner date was fun. The food was good, not as fabu as advertised by friends who sent us there, but good.
But the service was really really weird. My Dear Husband ordered fried calamari which arrived cold. Fried calamari absolutely must be eaten HOT. Cold calamari is repulsive, any fried food is, but cold greasy tentacles?? ICK! But to the weird part- the waiter knew. When we said it wasnt good, he actually looked at us and said "OH, it was under a heat lamp a little too long!!!!" Yep, it was. Was he hoping we were such country folk (we didnt use the valet parking and were about 10% less well dressed than most of the patrons) that we would just suck it up and eat this greasy mess??
Then he served me raw 'sauteed' spinach. Which he pointed out was raw and asked me if I wanted it returned to the kitchen. Well yes, so he did. It came back microwaved and kind of mushy.
Lastly, our table mates got an icy-cold piece of swordfish. Hot on the outside- cold inside- any animal that contains 6 foot long worms needs to be COOKED!!
So maybe it was the kitchen, not the waiter. But the waiter made the choice to bring this stuff out to us. Ultimately, we are rubes because we tipped him 20%. We've gotten too old and go out so rarely that it seems worthless to lodge big deal complaints.
Oh, I had sweet pea ravioli in a tomato cream sauce with carmelized scallops and shallots which was delicious. But at $25 for 6 scallops and 6 ravioli- its a make it yourself for sure.

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