Boring ole oatmeal...

This morning, my husband has a big test so we are going with a nice fortifying breakfast of what Mr. Dumpling calls "boring ole oatmeal". Here in Dubai, due to the pleasant plethora (i enjoyed writing that more than you will enjoy reading it...) of dried fruit and nuts, we can enrich our oatmeal with cashews, almonds, walnuts, golden, brown or something called red, raisins (they look like brown raisins to me...), dates, prunes, papaya, mango, or banana chips. What fun!

The most exciting part of this for me- skinflint that I am- is how utterly inexpensive it all is. A Kilo of golden raisins from Iran is less than $3! This is a Kilo, 2.2 Pounds!!!

Mr. Dumpling is enriching his oatmeal with butter, and sugar and complaining that there is no maple syrup here. My poor fussy American child.

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