Hotel Dining

So far, eating in Dubai is kind of boring. We are living in temporary digs in a fancy hotel in the dead center of an area which is almost entirely under construction. The hotel restaurant isn’t even open yet (a sad situation indeed). Our meals come from our very well appointed hotel room kitchen and the truly incredible Lulu Hypermarket. Supermarket is not enough. Here in Dubai, we have Hypermarkets.

Tonight’s dinner was chicken thighs marinated in Italian dressing (haven’t found the old reliable Good Season’s yet), pasta with red sauce and some very passable frozen broccoli. The chicken is excellent, actually kind of succulent. Sometimes I get the sense that what we think of as good food in the US is so far gone from what it is supposed to be that we don’t have any clue what tastes good.

I have to go back to the Lulu tomorrow so I’ve got to plan what to feed these folks for the next week.

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