Bad parents feed their children fast food...

Last night we punted and went to Burger King. It was late, there was a beach club with all kinds of diversions for the kids involved, plus general exhaustion which seems to catch up with us at the most inopportune times (like time to cook dinner…) Anyway, they have a “health-sandwich” of grilled chicken on a wheat roll with tomato, pickles and lettuce, the kids got burgers, of course, and fries. It was pretty good, actually better than a BK in the US.

The woman at the Burger King was amazingly gracious and worked extra hard to insure Mr. Dumpling had mustard only on his cheeseburger, Mr. Muffinpuffcake got ketchup and mayonnaise and Baby Chuck got his with ketchup and pickles.

I remember in the ‘70s the Burger King motto was ‘Have it your way!’ I guess this still holds, or at least it does out here in the desert. Gracious woman from Jakarta in your peculiar Islamic Burger King outfit, I owe you a debt of gratitude for making my little boys happy when they were all so tired and sort of sun burned and really hungry and really grumpy. Thanks!

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