Dubai Lunch

So here we are in our new home town, kind of freaking out because, let me tell you, my picky American eaters are out of luck when it comes to certain foods. We've got penut butter- thank you George Washington Carver, but a lot of stuff is VERY different, especially the milk and odd substitute pork, like beef salami (ick!).

My dear husband brought us to the Automatic Restaurant for our first lunch out. Excellent hummus and a grilled meat platter which, frankly, I found rather too salty. Actually, I get the sense that most of the meat here is brined pretty early in the butchering process so by the time its on your plate its super-salty. Altogether a good meal and a decent deal- about $40 for five people- and you get a lovely platter of watermelon and some custard after dinner (gratis).

But, the highlight of the adventure was the multi-colored juice which, Mr. Muffin PuffCake, having never met a carbohydrate he didnt love, guzzled with gusto.


  1. Oh my gosh, did you move to Dubai! That's a long way from Rhode Island! Nigel will email to get the full story. That drink looks amazing.

    -Jessie & Nigel

  2. Hi Jessie, yes we did. Its wacky. I want to start another blog on living here, but its not clear to me if blogging is allowed. I have to use VPN to get to this one and I'm not able to see new posts without the VPN connection. Nutty.
    How are you?? How's the family??s

  3. Welcome to Dubai! :-) If you have any questions on food/ingredients in Dubai, feel free to email me. Ive been searching all around till I found the good sources. =p

    Great blog btw! (^_^)

    May xoxo


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