Rotisserie fun.

Top ten things to do with a rotisserie chicken:
1. make soup

2. shred meat off bone, serve in tortillas with black beans, jack cheese and mango salsa

3. serve whole with roasted potatos and onions on the side

4. shred and add to pasta with a head of broccoli and some mushroom soup

5. chicken, mayo, and cranberry sandwiches

6. chicken on spinach salad (see previous post)

7. chop meat with mayo, grapes, cashews, soy sauce and ginger for asian chicken salad
8.chop up into pieces add to red sauce (gravy to you and me) with olives for short-cut chicken cacciatore
9. shred meat, mix with jarred Korma sauce and peas- serve over rice
10. roll with noodles and vegetables in spring roll wrappers.
Try the FlyLady's rubber chicken, too. Its at the bottom of the page...

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