Spinach Salad with Chicken

So now that we are fancy Dubai people living in our fancy apartment my dear husband has declared a moratorium on my favorite cheap meat (chicken thighs). No lowly thighs for us, I am now asked to purchase chicken breasts or whole chickens only. I guess this is fine, but to be honest, I find the chicken breast sort of tasteless and a little limited while thighs are just so rich and yummy... oh well.

My husband opened a package of chicken to make a Tikka Masala with (from a jar) and left me with one chicken breast. What to do with it?? I put it in a bag with some lemon, some powdered ginger (from India- potent stuff), and some garlic powder and let it marinate.

Last night, I made this salad for myself after the munchkins had gone to bed because I just didnt feel like eating at 5:30!

First I cooked the chicken in a saute pan, forgetting it while I blabbed on the phone with a friend gave it its nice carmel brown color. Then I put it over some raw baby spinach that had been tossed with lemon and poured the pan juices over it. Drank a large glass of the cheap white wine you get with your liquor license with it.

It was delicious but I will miss chicken thighs.

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