Soup of the evening, beautiful soup

All my little boys have horrible colds. They all look so sad and puny and pale in spite of their movie-star tans... its terrible.
Tonight in an effort to revive them a little and get some protein into them I made a soup. My idea was sort of asian inspired and a little spicy to help loosen up their chests.

About two hours before dinner, I put on about 2 quarts of water (stubbornly avoiding metric system here...) with 2 knorr vegetable cubes, two large shallots (quartered) a couple of garlic cloves and a good sized hunk of ginger (also quartered). I forgot green onions, which it really needed. After letting it boil and simmering it for an hour +, I scooped out the onion, garlic and ginger. I then chopped them finely and returned them to the pan. Alternatively, you could put it in a food processor with a bit of the broth for a creamier texture...I ate about 1/2 of the ginger pieces myself thinking it will help me avoid getting this cold, tasted good anyway...

15 minutes before I was ready to serve it, I added the shredded breast of a, guess what?? , Rotisserie Chicken!!!, some thinly sliced carrots, and some spinach. Snap peas or mizuna would be good here too. Lastly, I put in some buckwheat noodles. They ate it, but without much enthusiasm, personally, I thought it was delicious.

A heroic neighbor arrived after dinner with a pile of kids movies so at least they'll be entertained while suffering tomorrow... Who knows, maybe they'll wake up cured by the soup.

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