What is Garlic Sauce??

When we first got here, my husband, who loves all forms of garlic, had me try some garlic sauce at his favorite restaurant. He kind of thought it was uncooked garlic mixed with unsalted butter, and I'll admit it did seem quite buttery at the time. Its not much to look at, bright white and sort of shimmery, but it tastes ok, if you dont mind tasting it for a few days. The only other possiblility I could think of was lard, which of course is deeply unlikely here in Dubai.

Thinking it was made from butter (or some other unknown fat) I tried to melt it to cook chicken in it. This was both highly unsuccessful and frightening as the end result looked like nothing so much as a styrofoam cup that was inadvertently thrown into a fire and rescued before it had time to burst into flames.

So what is it??

Some possible answers:

http://www.grouprecipes.com/12036/garlic-sauce.html This guy makes it with mayonnaise which might explain the strange consistency on putting it in a saute pan.

http://www.gomideast.com/articles/recipes/garlicsauce.htm This one is just oil and garlic which should actually melt in a pan.

There are recipes with lemon, and some with yogurt and all of them are leading me to the conclusion that the one I bought was in fact, made from styrofoam, and I should probably be making my own.

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