Cookie puss

This country is awash in yummy sandwich cookies... Every supermarket bakery seems to have a selection of at least a few dozen different kinds of sandwich cookies. They are suprisingly elegant and suprisingly inexpensive about 35dhs a Kilo or $5 a lb!

1. Vanilla Cookies with chocolate cream
2. Vanilla Cookies with jam
3. Chocolate cookies with chocolate cream
4. Chocolate cookies with vanilla cream
5. Chocolate cookies with chocolate cream and covered in chocolate sprinkles
6. finger sandwich cookies filled with chocolate and pistachio
7. Any of the above dipped in chocolate and covered with mulit-colored sprinkles.

Its pretty amazing. The most amusing part is asking the supermarket workers to give you a mixed 1/2 kilo. Evidently, by the reaction I've been getting, absolutely no one in this country has ever asked to mix the cookies up... I'm such a rebel.

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