Garam-Masala Barbecued Chicken

I have been trying to buy meat in large enough quantities once a week to prepare the main courses for our meals in advance and then freeze them to cook as needed. This is going to become more necessary as we are starting to behave like a more typical Dubai family with Arabic Lessons, Catechism, Music, Church and a regular Friday-night playdate taking up our evenings.
I made a barbeque sauce for these chicken drumsticks with about 1/2 cup ketchup, two tbsp lemon juice, one chopped garlic clove, some pepper, and about a tsp of garam masala. This is a ground blend of sweet spices which seems to vary wildly depending on what brand you buy. I didnt put any chili into it because of the boys, but I would if it was for adults.
This sauce would be highly successful on chicken wings.
The rest of the meal was chat potatoes (I think they are called Salt potato in NE...) in garlic sauce with butter and chives (YUM!) corn and steamed sweet peas.
The dear husband is off to Germany and then Italy so we'll see what kind of delicacies he brings me back...

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