License to fry... cheese.

You can't argue with a food culture that has its own cheese made just for frying. Halloumi is a very salty white cheese with a slightly squeaky rubbery texture. Sounds yummy- doesnt it?
BUT, slice it, place it in a frying pan with a very small amount of butter and cook it until browned on both sides and it becomes something else altogether.
A small warning, Halloumi seems to come out kind of gross in restaurants, I think its got to be served piping hot, frying pan to mouth in under 3 minutes kind of a situation, which does limit its usefulness. I see a lot of halloumi recipes out there for appetizers, salads etc. but I personally think it tastes awful if it loses temperature. Maybe I have to play around with it a little more...
So far, I like it best for lunch because I can cook it and eat it quickly.
It is delicious over spinach in a salad (how I've been eating it lately) or on some crispy french bread.


  1. Speaking of halloumi, I'm wondering why you are adding butter; the cheese will brown breautifully without out and the taste will be terrific. Have you tried it without adding butter to the pan?


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