Green rolls

Ages ago, I posted about spring rolls when the most famous person I know taught me how to make them. I finally found the wrappers and noodles at a Choithram's supermarket which may be my new favorite.
Choithram's has a really good selection of ethnic foods and somebody there seems to be paying attention to providing ALL the ingredients you need for a particular dish. (i.e. every supermarket in Dubai has sushi rice, only Choithram's had sushi rice and sushi nori and wasabi paste, pickled ginger and tamari- all in the same place no less!!). It makes shopping here much less of a challenge.
Anyway, today I really wanted a fresh-tasting light lunch, my stomach has been bugging me. I made some lovely green spring rolls with

mung bean noodles
snow peas
string beans

They were very fresh and pleasant tasting. I still dont know how to make the penut sauce correctly, gotta bug that famous girl for it...

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