Restaurant Review: The Noodle Room

I really wanted to write a review of The Noodle Room. In fact, I liked the menu, the decor and even the utensils so much that I wanted to write a GOOD review of the noodle room. Alas, it was not to be. Our friends met us at the restaurant around 7:00pm. The place was busy but not packed by any stretch of the imagination. We ordered right away and our waiter seemed quite solicitous and friendly, handing out chopsticks and setting a brazier up on our table. And then... nothing.

Absolutely nothing happened for 45 minutes. NOTHING! Not even a re-pour of water. Not a complimentary cracker or dish of edamame. NOTHING!!

Then, our waiter informed the DH's at our table that they had dropped our food on the floor and it would be a few minutes before they could serve it. My DH asked if we could have whatever survived the alleged dropping on the floor. The waiter said NO!!!!!!! I say alleged, because we were seated two feet from the kitchen, if five orders of Udon, two of Ramen and a Gyoza had hit the floor, we would have known about it.

The moms then took matters into our own hands and told our waiter we would be leaving and that the Noodle Room certainly didnt want us there for ANOTHER 45 minutes while they made our food. The kids were edgy enough as it was.

The manager was solicitous and apologetic, but no actual food ever appeared in the time it took us to settle the matter and get up and go. If I was managing that restaurant I would have grabbed every dish in the kitchen and had it put on the table immediately. Its kind of a trend in Dubai that apologizing is the end of it. When a table of 9 is sitting without food for 45 minutes because their waiter didnt put the ticket in (which is what I think REALLY happened), its an event that calls for action, not just apologies.

Oh well, maybe sometime we'll go back to the Noodle Room and see what its like. Until then, it will forever be branded in our family lexicon as the "No Noodle Room"!

Today for lunch, I made them noodles in compensation for their visit to the No Noodle Room. 5 orders, 20 min, did 100% of the prep. The Noodle Room has no excuse.

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