Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving menu:
Butterball turkey- about 4 kilos
Giblet gravy
Sage and apple stuffing
Mashed chat (salt) potatos
Mashed sweet potatos
Braised brussels sprouts
green beans almondine (its a classic)
Spinach salad (can't get good lettuce here...)
Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream
Pumpkin custard (of sorts, its kind of turned into a flourless pumpkin cake, it might be gross...)
How's that for a carb-fest?

I am Thankful for whoever works at Spinney's supermarket and decided that the scary looking Turkeys from Spain and Arabia should be supplemented with a couple of regular 'ole American butterballs.
And, I am greatful to be an American. Living here has taught me that many people who claim a dislike for America simply dont understand who we are, how big our country actually is, and that its the little stuff like real cheeseburgers, tumble dryers, public libraries, and maple syrup which make America great.
If you are reading this, I hope you have a happy and fun Thanksgiving day!

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