I Surrender!

Ok, so tonight I tried to make this dish out of Good Housekeeping (too long in the supermarket line...) which looked so good and so perfect for the increadibly cold weather we are not really enjoying here in Connecticut while we wait to return to Dubai.
I had a few modifications in mind, like skipping the beans except for the grown ups dishes and using roasted mixed tomatos. Perhaps pesto was a little too far off the beaten path, but I honestly dont think the reaction I got was warrented. There was actual shreiking! Shreiking.
I really dont know what I did to cause this problem. I make an effort to serve various foods at each meal, I try not to ply them with junk as rewards, I try to not make an issue out of eating. And I still have no idea what to feed them.
They dont seem to like anything very much except cookies and ice cream. The only thing they will consistently eat is their allotment of raw veggies in lieu of salad which I serve at lunch and dinner each day. Everything else seems to be fair game for complaining. They dont even like pizza anymore.
I'm feeling very desperate.
Does anyone read this blog? Please help me if you do- any and all ideas are welcome. Use the comments- click on the word 'comments' below. THANKS!


  1. Hey
    Just catching up on your blog now and yes, I read it! Don't worry about your kids. As my family doctor once said, 'No child intentionally starved themselves'. Just feed them what you are making & they can choose to eat it or not. I find it funny that I, too, tried not to make a big deal about food in our house but it still becomes an issue!

  2. Don't worry. If they are eating their raw veggies most of the time they are probably just not in a protein mode right now. I think that little guys listen to their bodies way better than we grown ups do.

    Here is how we handle it in my house. I go crazy making sure that I plan and prepare healthy, yummy nutritious meals that will appeal to the bombinos. I offer it to the gang and the big one digs in excitedly (he'll eat anything) the other two just sort of pick at it and drink their juice.

    I then insist that they take at least one bite to try it. They take one bite then fill their tummy with juice and say that they are done. We take away the juice away till more bites are eaten -- sometimes hand feeding like a baby bird works. I insist that they eat at least as many bites as your age (i.e. "You are three, you need to eat at least 3 bites."). They usually take this as a challenge and comply (mainly because at this point I am physically putting the bites into their mouths-- hand feeding them seems easier than arguing about the merits of my delicious meal and they think that it is funny.)

    Then they insist on their reward for all that hard work -- a cookie. On second thought, you probably shouldn't take advice from me. I clearly don't know what I am talking about. ;-)

  3. Yeah, but I've seen your kids eat. At least they will try things. On the plus?? side, they ate the pasta as leftovers, rendering the situation even MORE confusing.


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