Ten things to do with spinach.

Spinach is on my mind right now. Its available here in the icy New England supermarkets, its not too expensive and it seems to suddenly be the only vegetable a certain little person... who shall remain unnamed because suddenly he can read very well...will eat.

1. basic 'greek' spinach salad. Spinach, feta, tomatoes, black olives, artichokes, vinaigrette.

2. Spinach pizza from Tommy's in Providence which has about 12 times as much spinach as that of ANY other pizzeria I've been too.

3. Steamed spinach topped with a poached egg, salt and pepper. Zippy no carb breakfast.

4. Spinach pie. Dough, spinach, garlic, olives, and parmesan (optional)

5. Spinach bake- Take a 16oz pkg of spinach- steam it and chop it finely. Add one egg, some salt, some pepper and a couple of well-carmelized shallots. Bake in 300 degree oven for 25-30 min.

5. Creamed spinach. Not the high-toned version with cream and dijon mustard. I mean, and I will staunchly defend, creamed spinach made with Campbells cream of mushroom soup. You could add sauteed mushrooms if you wanted to be swanky.

6. Spinach Quiche (I cant remember if this is Quiche Lorainne or not...). Six eggs, a large amount of mayonnaise, an even larger amount of gruyere cheese, steamed spinach, crumbled bacon if you like. In a pie shell, bake at 350 - about an hour.

7. Spinach dip. Not a favorite, usually involves some kind of cheese sauce spinach and artichokes.

8. Spinach pesto. Very good if you dont try to pretend its basil pesto. Spinach, cashews, olive oil, romano cheese, salt, and pepper. Blanch the spinach first.

9. Spanikopita. Used to make it, pre children. Dont have the time to fuss with filo dough anymore... Season spinach, layer in filo with some feta, bake. Impress your friends at parties.

10. Top any tuna or turkey sandwich with spinach instead of lettuce. (ok I couldnt think of another thing to add...)

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