Fantastic America

We are back in what the boys refer to as 'Fantastic America'; this would be because they arent old enough to read the Wall Street Journal.
So far we have eaten bacon for breakfast three out of five days with our plain cheerios topped with strawberries (a bargain at $2.99 quart) and blueberries ($2 for 8oz).
We had sausage and gravy grinders last night, which you have to be from Rhode Island to appreciate.
Ice cream has been on the menu quite a bit in spite of the nasty weather because cold-chain consistency gives it such a nice consistency whereas Dubai ice cream is kind of a roll of the dice.
And I bought beer in the supermarket, WITHOUT a license or my husband's permission.
I have to say, though, I really miss the weather.
Pork recipes to follow.


  1. I just realized that we can make comments! Yay...

    You should explain that for those of you who hail from the Rhode Island-Italian persuasion "gravy" is what the rest of us call tomato sauce. To everybody else gravy is what we put on our turkey. LOL!

  2. Hiya! Here's the one about gravy...


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