Godess Pudding

For Christmas, a dear friend gave me a copy of Nigella Lawson's "How to be a Domestic Godess" which got me inspiried to cook yesterday. I kind of lucked out because my husband went to look at houses with some friends so I invited them to dinner afterwards. I really wanted to be cooking for people who wouldnt whine about too many ingredients, sauces, or vegetables.

I made green chili pumpkin enchiladas with chicken, black beans and salsa and some rice. Dessert is the topic of this post, however. I wanted to make a citrus cheese cake, but not something so rich it would be too much after the enchiladas.

Instead of cream cheese which is expensive, not all that easy to come by and a lot heavier than what I was thinking of, I used labneh which added a nice cheese flavor while keeping the cake very light, almost custardy.

Line a baking pan with about 150g of crushed digestive biscuits mixed with 50g melted butter and 50g caster sugar. I didnt bake this off first, but I definitely would next time- probably about 15 min in a 180 degree oven.

In the blender mix 3 eggs, the juice of one lemon, juice of one lime plus its finely chopped zest, about 200g labneh, and 100g caster sugar. When well blended, add about 150g of heavy cream. Bake in a water bath at 150 for about an hour until center is set and top is just browning.

I served the cake topped with a berry sauce, but I probably wouldn't next time. It was luciously good on its own.

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