Lenten Menu #1

So this time of year I'm always googling 'lenten supper' or 'lenten menus' and what I come up with is stuff like NW Indiana Catholic online, which is a little midwestern for me, although crab dip is kind of penitential in its way... OR I get Episcopalians who make authentic, biblically based, breads from millet which I cannot possibly sell to the kids.
Its my plan to publish one lent-appropriate menu a day for the next 40 days so I'll have a collection to refer to in the future. If you are reading this feel free to comment or email me any recipes you'd like to share. I'm focusing on vegetarian and light foods. Thanks!

Pasta with red sauce (tomatos, garlic, basil, onion, salt & pepper, olive oil- cooked together in a large frying pan)
Cauliflower and kidney beans sauteed together with garlic and olive oil.
Sauteed Spinach with lemon


  1. Here is an easy Lenten dinner suggestion for you:

    Last night I sauteed frozen broccolli, cauliflower, snapeas in a bit of oil and garlic. I removed the veggies then sauteed little bay scallops (significantly cheaper than their larger friends for some reason) and with a little more garlic, oil and a lot of lemon. I served the whole thing over angel hair pasta. It was good. The whole dinner took about 25 minutes to cook and everybody ate it up with gusto. Not exactly penitential, really.

  2. Cooked vegetables? Oh! the humanity!!!


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