Lenten Menu #2

I know everyone says to 'DO SOMETHING' rather than 'give up something' for lent but frankly, I'm not real keen on accepting spiritual advice from NIKE. So I'm giving up a few foodstuffs I adore. Notably- candy and sweetened dubainian yogurt, a huge sacrifice for me...

Tonights lenten menu:

Flat bread pizza and green salad.
There is almost nothing to this except you have to have access to lebanese flat bread.
Take your flat bread, brush it with a little olive oil, top it with a good two or three tablespoons of red sauce (Gravy-as we call it- and you know who you are...), some mozzarella and a sprinkle of parmesan. Bake in a 210 degree cel. oven until crispy. Also tasty with sauteed mushrooms and some frozen spinach.
Serve with salad and chopped veg for children.

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