Lenten Menu #3

I'm not sure if tonights dinner actually qualifies as Lenten. While it is vegetarian, it was kind of the result of wiffing on the parental responsibilities.

We went to the Ibn Battuta Mall- one of the more manageable, albeit gigantic, malls in Dubai. Where we exchanged a book, purchased a pair of tennis shoes for my DH, some swim goggles for the kids (including an extra pair for a friends child- whose goggles I broke by tinkering with them...), had a bounce on the trampoline outside the toy store, and got the kids some gummy bears.

Now for you Americans, this is a 1 hour trip- tops- to the mall, but here in Dubai it inevitably takes 3 to 4 times longer to do anything so by the time all was said and done, we were all exhausted and GROUCHY.

The wiff was buying supermarket sushi which is made to order at the stunningly enormous Geant Hypermarket. It was excellent and kind of a a bargain at less than $50 for the whole team.

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