Broad Bean Puree

Broad beans, stripped of their hard outer shell, are really quite tasty. You're probably not going to want to serve them every day, they are kind of an intensive project. Take a package of them, frozen and boil them. Turn them off and drain them.

Pour yourself a large cocktail. In my case, it was vodka, and san pellegrino aranciata with a splash of fresh squeezed orange juice.

Ok, now take the beans and begin to shell them into a blender. They will be kind of sweet and an attractive limey green color. Take a break- go water your grass. Continue to shell them. Take a break- talk to your neighbor. Continue to shell them. Keep drinking.

When you are down to the last couple dozen beans- chuck them, shells and all into the blender, in disgust.

Blend the beans with enough olive oil to get them going, this is going to feel like WAY too much oil - do not panic- keep drinking, a clove (or two) of garlic, some salt and pepper, and some lemon juice... kind of like shiny green hummus.

Shave some pecorino romano over it. Pleasant as a dip or on toasted bread. Subtle though, you may have to wait until the vodka wears off to be able to really taste it...

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