Easter dinner- Smashing success

Easter dinner was a smashing success. Due in no small part to the DH who turned up with 6 or 7 bottles of Italian wine, a few kilos of pasta and cheese, some thinly sliced cured meats and a mess of gorgeous Italian vegetables.

I made a leg of lamb. Used a boneless leg and coated it with olive oil. Then pressed dried herbs de provence onto the entire thing (underside too.) and roasted it for about 15 min per pound, with a 15 min rest period after taking it out. It was quite delicious, especially with the garlic sauce.

The mango cheese cake was ok, but could have been sweeter and fruitier. My neighbor, who generously brought us a pavlova, and cooked an additional leg of lamb, suggested a fruit gelee on top of the cake next time- maybe so...

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