Lamb Kofte Kabab

Oh! they have a new food obsession... It all started because we are bad parents and often too lazy or surly or whatever to have planned dinner ahead of going to the beach... Well, look at it! I mean, c'mon is this not indolence central or what???

So on our way home we stopped at the Arz Lebanon Restaurant on Jumeira beach road. We were sort of ready for a fight with the young'uns over vegetables. But I personally really wanted a good, reasonably healthy dinner.

The food was delicious and the boys are now absolutely taken with Lamb Kofte Kabab. It is a kind of spicy mix of ground lamb which is pressed onto skewers and grilled. Its delicious although I shudder to think how much salt is in the Arz Lebanon version... I made my own last night to some success...

200 g minced lamb

2 cloves garlic finely chopped

1 small onion finely chopped

shake of red pepper flakes

a generous amount of chopped parsely

some black pepper and a little salt

I pressed this onto skewers (remember to soak them first- nearly set my oven on fire...) and roasted them in the oven propped in a baking pan. Very good, not as popular as the restaurant version but still a seller...


  1. Dear Sand Mama,
    Found your blog via UAE Community Blog and wanted to tell you it's terrific! I hope you like Dubai; sounds like you're taking advantage of the awesome culinary possibilities. While I lived in Abu Dhabi a chef-friend urged me to ask my then-maid (from Sri Lanka) to teach me how to cook food from her native country. I planned to but never got around to it. Now I'm back in New Hampshire and I really wish I had.
    Keep up the super writing.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Frances. Our maid is from Sri Lanka too! She is always cooking for us but worried that we wont like the spiciness of her food, so she tends to knock the flavors down a bit. We're getting there though.


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