Easter lunch

Gearing up for Easter dinner. Such a big deal, feeling ever so slightly overwhelmed by the number of people we are having and the lack of chairs in our new house. And oh Lord! I have white couches! what on earth was I thinking????
Actually, Easter dinner is one of my favorite meals to cook. Something about leg of lamb, its so satisfying and simple. My starting point for this meal is Laura Calder's leg of lamb crusted with herbs de provence.

I wish my brother was going to be here to eat the leg of lamb with garlic sauce. I think he would deeply enjoy garlic sauce. I wonder how garlic sauce would fare over a 14 hour plane trip??

A friend is bringing the potatoes, a gratin maybe? or mashed??

And I am thinking about a twee mixture of baby vegetables, in burre blanc on the side??. Its a cliche, but what the heck... its Spring. It even sort of feels like spring because its been raining for a week here in the UAE...
For dessert, I'm still obsessed with citrus cheese cakes. This time I'm thinking lemon mango with a gingerbread crust.
What fun! Hopefully I can plan and make all this stuff far enough in advance that I actually have a nice time the day of.... possible? probable?

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