Carrot raisin muffins

Today is Palm Sunday but here in the UAE its a regular workday so its a little strange. We commuted into town to go to Palm Sunday mass which was actually not bad for being at peak commuting time, we even got a parking space. The mass itself was standing room only, squeezed between one in tagalog and one in malayalong, and proof positive that we need to go back to Latin (especially here in missionary territory).

For our Sunday brunch (of sorts) I made these muffins as dessert...
Preheat oven to 180 (c.) or 350 (f.) Line 12 muffin tins with muffin cups or generously butter them.

fork sift together:
250g white flour
5ml baking soda
5ml cinnamon
pinch salt
pinch baking powder
50g caster sugar

one large carrot (grated)
50g of golden raisins softened in boiling water
1 egg
150ml milk
25ml sunflower oil
Dont over mix or you'll have little carrot flavored bricks...
spoon into muffin cups, bake about 15 min or until set in center
frost with 50g caster sugar mixed with 100g cream cheese or labneh (yogurt cheese).
decorate with carrot flowers if you're feeling really Martha Stewart-y...

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