The Do it Yourself Birthday Party

For about the 5th year running, my husband has to fly on my birthday. This would be SOP EXCEPT that, as on my 35th birthday, he started organizing a semi-surprise party. I knew he was planning something, but not precisely what. Now, thanks to crew scheduling, the products of consanguinity who cant read their rosters, and cruel dame fate; I have to plan my own party. I suppose its better than my 35th, where I had two hours notice.

The Al Reef bakery on Al Wasl is going to figure heavily in the plan. They have the nicest little pies that I think will make perfect party food. There's meat with tomato and onion, spinach with onion and garlic (although I think they season the spinach with vinegar- it has a distinctly vinegar-y taste that I'm not wild about) and cheese, which is absolutely delicious.

Tomorrow... what to make myself- what to beg from friends....

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