Big Day- the menu

So a real human being was located and gave my dear husband the day off. BECAUSE it is my birthday and not in response to a cockamamie story or feigned illness. Yeah! Human beings exist at big giant international airlines!...

The Menu-
tiny spinach and meat pies from the Al Reef Bakery
Birthday Cake
assortment of pastry from Caesar's cafe at St. Mary's Church
A platter of fruit on a stick
A platter of vegetables and dips
Lamb Kabob and assorted side dishes from Eat & Drink (Middle Eastern Junk Food- so greasy so good...)
Wine and Beer and lively conversation.


  1. Happy Birthday!'s the new 30!

    Love from your 40-year-old older brother. Hugs and kisses to everyone.

  2. Sometimes, 40 is the new 30, other times the 'feels like' age on 40 is around 75...


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