Avocado Liberation Manifesto.

Been doing too much eating out lately. Its getting so hot and the AC was busted for two days and well, let's face facts: I'm a lazy Dubai housewife. Last night we reached a pinnacle of laziness because the DH and I both wanted Mexican food but knowing the children will not eat it, we actually also stopped and got them Pizzas. I can hear my mother's eyes rolling 10,000km away.
We've been going to the Maria Bonita Taco Shop because its close to home and the food is pretty good.

I am going to launch into an extended diatribe on guacemole now. If you are going to be offended by this because you think YOUR version of guacemole is the best there is, dont read any further.
Guacemole is a really simple foodstuff. Take an avocado, mash it up. Add some lemon juice, some salt and some pepper. THAT's IT!!!

The avocado has a subtle flavor that is really really good when left alone. But it cannot compete with chile peppers, tomatos, cilantro, garlic, and especially red onion. If you add all of these things to your guacemole, it will taste like slimy salsa. It is gross. Do not add a bunch of non-avocado flavored foods to guacemole, let the avocado be the star. Do not ever buy pre made guacemole. It lasts for 45min, that's it. It cannot live in a container of anykind, it cannot cross continents or oceans. This is just the nature of the food. Be kind to the avocado, do not torture and worry it by mixing it with all these strong foods.

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