Pork and more pork

This time it was seasoned pork tenderloins on the 2 for 1 pork display. How can I resist when in Dubai we are reduced to my husband occasionally bringing in chops from Germany and English Bacon? (which he cant do anymore because of swine flu... which doesnt come from prosciut.. by the way...)

I dont love the pre-seasoned pork because I think it tends to be WAY too salty, but given the cost-per-serving factor with these buy one get ones, there are ways to make them work.
Take an 'italian style' pork loin and put it in a crock pot. Add one chopped, sauteed onion, three cloves of garlic, some basil and oregano, two cans of crushed-peeled tomatos and one can of water. Cook on high for 8 hours, or until meat is falling apart. Serve over pasta. Actually, I think all the salt is what keeps them from drying out on such a long cook time.

The asian-style ones are a little trickier in that they dont really lend themselves to being cooked forever in a sauce, but you can slice them thinly into a vegetable stir fry after baking or put them on the grill.

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