Crab cakes

My sister in law, the chef, was in town for a couple of weeks. Before they left, we decided to make a big happy Sunday luncheon for the fam. I kind of feel like everything this woman touches is culinary gold, so I'm thinking I'll work my way through the menu on this blog...

Not much to look at, are they?
First up- Crab cakes
One can of lump crabmeat. Obviously better if you can get fresh, but our budget was not so fancy.
one egg
a generous shake of breadcrumbs
one 1/4 cup corn (raw if sweet enough- not boiled if frozen...)
one shallot, finely chopped or green onions
one small red bell pepper, also finely chopped.
A generous amount of the herb of your choice (parsley, dill, basil)
tablespoon of mayonnaise

Form into patties and fry. Serve with fresh salsa, lemon wedges and avocado. Double if you are serving for a meal.

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