Iftar is the breaking of the fast each day during the Holy Month of Ramadan. So last night we went to our school's annual Iftar at the Al Bustan Rotana hotel which is near the airport here in Dubai.
So facing an airport hotel buffet, I was a little ambivalent. Especially because school functions havent really been known for their cuisine in the past...
Call me pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. We enjoyed the usual Lebanese fare of hummous, pita, tabouleh, lamb and chicken kabob, plus some more regional food like chicken with the bitter green molokia and harees (which I dont usually like, but was quite nice).
The ballroom of the hotel was ok, if not exactly tastefully decorated. The service was pure Dubai, lots of useless hovering and inability to answer questions or deliver what was asked for (forks???). But altogether, a very pleasant experience.
I think we will try to catch one more Iftar before Ramadan is over, I hear good things about the tents at the Ibn Battuta mall.

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