Leftover night Woohoo!

Ok, its leftover and sketchy-meat picked up in foreign countries- night tonight. My dear husband has never met a bargain meat product that he could resist. This was strange, albeit manageable when we lived in the US. The occasional pound of beef from a Krogers in Kansas City was usually fine after its cross-country journey and could be dealt with much in the usual way.
South-African beef rolls stuffed with olives and sausage close to their expiration date requre a more cautious hand. There are plenty of possibly apocryphal stories of suitcases full of meat being horribly mis-routed, the odd importation of a super-beetle which then infests and consumes one's entire yard and that of the neighbors, and of course, plain old food poisoning from meat which seemed 'ok' but was in fact left too long in the cargo area of a jumbo jet.

Tonight's menu includes:
Italian radicchio with S. African Swiss Chard, both mercifully free of superbeetles.
Leftover deericious chicken- from Oman or Al Ain- cant remember... My sister's recipe which I'll post another day.
The aforementioned S. African beef rolls which I'm searing at very high heat in butter and then baking. They'll probably be overdone, but it's a risk I'm willing to take.
And Modern Bakery flat bread (Pita.)
We'll see how the beef turns out.

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