I have been writing nothing about food lately because I have a freezer full of pre-assembled meals. I spent the better part of two Saturday's ago with a friend chopping, washing, and assembling 20 dinners into ziploc bags and putting them into my freezer to eat for the next three weeks.
Here's a link to Saving Dinner if you want to get a menu and do it yourself.
It is really convenient. I just decide what we are having in the morning and de-frost it.
The food is wholesome and good. Tonight its roasted salmon with tomatoes and olives over brown rice.
I am definitely spending less time in the supermarket. I'm spending less $$ on food too.
Less impulse buying definitely = less junk food in the house.

I'm not having that much fun...
Sure, I occasionally get to wrest a curry from leftovers. T. assembled some glorious chopped limey fish salad thing from leftover tuna, but the thrill is gone.
They definitely dont have any weird ingredients on the list, and I'm not really eating to my tastes, just to what is there in the freezer. Maybe I'm being a whiner here, but I dont think I'll be doing it again.

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